We Interview Roi From “The Material”


I just caught up with Roi, who is the one of the guitar players in the band “The Material.” They are a very talented five-piece band that hails from the west! If you haven’t heard of them yet, definitely check them out. Below is the interview….Enjoy!

So, what’s the history of The Material? How long have you guys officially been together, how’d you all meet?

Jon and Colleen met in high school after being introduced by their mutual friend Mike (singer of Halifax). Colleen migrated to San Diego to pursue a Music degree at SDSU and Jon followed a little later. Noah was a friend of Colleen’s that she had met at work. The three of them began practicing with Kevin Faulk (Every Time I Die) on bass. Kevin eventually left and they found Brian and I through the wonderful world of craigslist. The Material has been together for 2 years total the current line up since Feb 2007.

What’s your writing process? Is it always this way?

We are still finding our niche as a songwriting team. Lately it has been working well with Me or Jon bringing in complete song ideas and showing them to everyone else. Then, we all add our parts and ideas. Still, this is not an exact science…

Do you use any FX at your live shows? If so what kind?

We use a lot of effects for our guitars. Delay, reverb, phase, univibe, chorus, wah, ring modulator…we are no Mars Volta but, we use what is necessary to be sonically pleasing.

What would your dream show be, if you could play with any band at any venue?

Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, & the Material. This show could be at my house and it would still be amazing! Continue reading

A Radio Station That Adapts To You!


Pandora Radio is truly amazing, not to mention that it is completely free! If the fact that it actually adapts to you doesn’t impress you, then check out the user interface. The people over at Pandora have been working on a huge project called the “Music Genome.” It not only gives you what artist you like, it describes to you exactly what kind of a song your listening to. For example, if I type in “Sick Puppies”, than it will tell me exactly what they are catagorized as in the Music Genome Project and continue to play the music that I like.

Make Music? Submit Your Work To Pandora Radio!

If you are a musician with a working demo than you can submit your music for the world to listen to! It is somewhat of a small process, but it is highly worth it to get your music the exposure. Click here to get started!

Click here to visit the Pandora Radio website

The City’s Finest = Very Unique Sound

The City’s Finest

If your into upbeat sound and overall amazing music, then you definitely need to check out this 5 piece band. Four out of five of the members do vocals, which leaves them no room for unoriginality.  Wanna hear them? Click Here.

Razorblades and Romance

Razorblades and Romance Live 
Just another Monday morning, searching for some amazing music. I came across a band that has a lot of potential, their name? Razorblades and Romance. You can listen to them here. I especially like the song “Sleep Now My Love.” The intro to the song sounds like a epic battle between the acoustic and electric guitars. I’m going to try to get an interview with these guys soon!