We Interview Roi From “The Material”


I just caught up with Roi, who is the one of the guitar players in the band “The Material.” They are a very talented five-piece band that hails from the west! If you haven’t heard of them yet, definitely check them out. Below is the interview….Enjoy!

So, what’s the history of The Material? How long have you guys officially been together, how’d you all meet?

Jon and Colleen met in high school after being introduced by their mutual friend Mike (singer of Halifax). Colleen migrated to San Diego to pursue a Music degree at SDSU and Jon followed a little later. Noah was a friend of Colleen’s that she had met at work. The three of them began practicing with Kevin Faulk (Every Time I Die) on bass. Kevin eventually left and they found Brian and I through the wonderful world of craigslist. The Material has been together for 2 years total the current line up since Feb 2007.

What’s your writing process? Is it always this way?

We are still finding our niche as a songwriting team. Lately it has been working well with Me or Jon bringing in complete song ideas and showing them to everyone else. Then, we all add our parts and ideas. Still, this is not an exact science…

Do you use any FX at your live shows? If so what kind?

We use a lot of effects for our guitars. Delay, reverb, phase, univibe, chorus, wah, ring modulator…we are no Mars Volta but, we use what is necessary to be sonically pleasing.

What would your dream show be, if you could play with any band at any venue?

Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, & the Material. This show could be at my house and it would still be amazing!

If The Material could do one thing to change the world, what would it be?

We all have various different beliefs and causes we support. The one thing we all agree on is that we want our music to touch people on a deeper level. We get messages all the time about how Colleen’s lyrics have encouraged someone to not take their own life or to be able to deal with their depression. These are all very real issues, issues i think everyone can relate with.

What is the song, “The Long Way Home” about?

It’s about a long distance relationship and having a hunch that the person on the other end may not be staying true.

You guys kicked ass on MTV, Where’s a good place to find more video footage of the live stuff?

Thank you so much! Live videos are a little scarce right now. There are few things on youtube and we did a webcast on flashrock.com.

Anyone got a favorite TV show or movie?

We all love Family guy and Anchor Man. There is not time that we are together that at least something is quoted from either one of them.

Would you like to tell your fans about anything special that’s going on?

We are currently writing new music. It’s going along well and we are very excited about all the new songs. If you have seen us recently you may have heard a few. Our current plans are to hit the road this coming July. We will see everyone soon!

Would you rock a SerTop Wristband(when there available)?

Of course.

We would like to thank The Material again, they are truly a group of great musicians!

The Material’s Myspace (with live video footage from MTV2!)


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  1. Very cool interview! And thanks for letting me discover another great band!

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