Music Therapy

New Year

Ever sit down and wonder what makes us love music? Music therapy is the evidence based solution to making us feel better. Studies have been shown the music helps us out in many different ways through musical responses. Music therapy was first used in the United States back in the 18Th century, however it does date back far beyond that to ancient times. Around World War I, veterans noticed the healing power of the therapy by relieving pain perception on the injured. Music therapy is now used on all ages from small children, to teens, to adults, even the elderly are using the treatment. Music therapy has been used to help physical and mental health, relieve stress, communication abilities, psychological, social functioning, cognitive, and educational problems. The way our body can pick up on a beat or lyric, even on a subconscious level is amazing. That’s why when we hear something we like we become a part of it, we get surrounded by the music. It doesn’t matter how good or bad your day is going, theirs a rhythm out there waiting to keep up with the beat. To learn more visit the American Music Therapy Association.


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  1. Awesome site πŸ˜‰

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  3. Lol no problem…. Love it…. One of my fav blog stop when i’m reading any blogs πŸ™‚

  4. I find your blog to be awesome…. Sorta dedicated to bands and stuff…. I’m going to this event next month called Sunburst…. Its featuring Incubus…. Went to Switchfoot just 2weeks ago…. Loved it!

  5. Awesome!

  6. I know! Lol!

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