An Interview With Jacobs Ladder


Thanks for doing the Q&A with us, we think your music is great and we are looking forward to hearing more great music!

How’d you guys all meet and how long have you been together?

This coming summer (2008) we will have been a band for 8 years running strong. Brian and Oren met and started playing music in the 4th grade. I (Sammy) was a year younger and really into music; but I didn’t get the chance to play with them until high school. We played and preformed in our school “Rock Ensemble,” this got us close and we decided to give it a shot in the summer of 2001.

Not many bands can tour as much as Jacobs Ladder does and still produce amazing music. I gotta say, you are very persistent in creating music while still keeping your fans happy. Is it crazy on tour sometimes? Do you sleep?

Tour for us…. is a home away from home at this point. We usally wake up on the floor of a random persons house, cuddled up in our sleeping bags- proceeding to look at eachother with disgust. The worst part; is the fact that I’m allergic to cats and for some reason everyone seems to have

Overall the experience of touring is amazing, it’s a time where we bond as a band and live off our music.
There’s nothing better than playing shows 6 nights a week.
If we don’t make enough money off the door or merchandise then we hit up shopping malls with cds and iPods. Believe it or not we usually sell 40 to 60 cds before we get kicked out of the mall. Sometimes it’s rough… but it gets the job done!

We generally drive four to six hours daily, trying to cover at least on state per day. Oren’s not allowed to drive since he is a terrible navigator. So me and Brian switch off driving and sleep in between. When we do arrive at the venues, we eat a lot of shit (not literally)…but we do have a lot of time on our hands, so we cook our dinners on a hot plate in the street. The highlight obviously is the performance itself and it is always worth the hassle. But, the best part is meeting our fans afterward, and the coolest kids are the ones who purchase our merch! Joking your all cool, we love you guys!

Sam, rocking the fro. Any tips for people at home trying to get a good fro going?

One thing is; you have it or you don’t. If you do- all you need is a really gay hairdresser and some kiss my face (hair cream), and your good to go.

We noticed February third you released a video for the song “Things Left Untold.” Want to drop any hints on the production of that?

The concept of this video was to raise awareness about an issue that affects many people particularly in our age group (Teen Pregnancy). The storyline is based on the idea that my girlfriend becomes pregnant; we break up and the come back together. This issue does hit close to home for me: during high school I witnessed a lot of my close friends get pregnant and the repercussions of it, this truly can happen to anyone.

All of the songs kick ass, personally I like “Who Pulled the Breaks,” what is this song about?

Well… who pulled the breaks is defiantly one of our hits and a favorite among our fans. The song tells the story of our Drummer, who during high school fell in love with our friend. We then watched the relationship blossom and whither over a 2 year period. It was a pretty incredible and crazy experience all at the same time. After all this Oren deiced to write a song about it based on his view of the situation.

What’s behind the name Jacobs Ladder?

hmmm. Life is like a ladder, we all have these dreams and aspirations, in working towards these goals you slowly step up and learn so much about yourself and the people around you. With this come’s growth, understanding, love, and meaning.

We’ve mentioned that you guys have done a lot of touring earlier, besides Florida, what is your favorite state to rock?

My favorite state, I have to say we’ve had some amazing times in NC & NJ. The kids just line up at our merch booth… which is definitely a pleaser for us. But honestly it’s just the feeling that you get in these cities and the pace. The people really appreciate and respect Indie Music. It’s refreshing to see that the scene is so alive on the East Coast.

A shout out to any fans?

Haha, yeah the girl who made us sign her cd in eyeliner because we didn’t have a pen around!
and… All those girls that let us sign their body parts. And of course we love all those cute boys out there with the pin straight hair and those tight tight pants!

Would you rock a SerTop wristband?

Yeah…. we are always willing to support the music scene and people who are keeping it alive!

We would like to thank Jacobs Ladder again for doing the interview as we know they are a busy band. They are on tour right now, so check and see if they’re coming in your area!

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  1. this is one cooool blog. and it rocks that you are doing so much for local bands.
    there’s not much being done for local music in my country. kinda sucks.


  2. Thank You!

  3. Hey thanks for the comment- I really love how you do your blog it is great. I think my blog is more specific in just telling people some good new music and to check it out themselves- cuz I’m too lazy haha.

  4. haha, thanks a bunch. Your blog is great!

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  6. very cool blog, where are you from?

  7. Thanks a bunch lions2008!

    We don’t really have a location, we are always on the go.

    We run this site and 🙂

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