A Chat With Brandon From Far-less


The band Far-Less is a dynamic melodic masterpiece that keeps on giving their fans great music to listen to. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out here!

They are on tour as we speak so be sure to check their MySpace page to see if they’re coming to your town!

Below is our chat with Brandon:

Where do the inspirations for most of your lyrics come

Inspiration comes from everywhere.  Our lives,
surroundings, the people we know, our dogs, food, or the
devil.  But, uh, food and cartoons mostly.

With six members music must be fun to write or maybe a
little hectic… how does everything usually come together?

It’s a pretty easy process. Someone will have an idea and
then the the others fall into place.
You guys are hitting the road again on March 14th, any
cities you’re particularly looking forward to rockin?

I can’t wait to see the west coast again. It’s going to
be a good time of year to be traveling, so I”m pretty
excited for the whole trip.

What’s your favorite tour snack?

Harvest cheddar Sunchips or Doritos and Cracker Barrel
cheddar cheese. I love food.

Any advice for bands across the world trying to get

Watch “Runin’ down a dream”  the Tom Petty documentary.
Then get a lawyer and don’t sign unless he tells you to.
Then, I don’t know…bypass doing what you love for
something that will sell.  I imagine that’s how people get
rich and famous.


3 Responses

  1. Hey, this is The Slacker from Orange Juice Party Noise. Thanks for checking out our blog, glad you liked the post on Fancey. Take care!

  2. Great blog you have here, very interesting that you were able to sit down with Far-Less and do an interview. I’ll have to start checking in on you here.

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