Things Heat Up With RedStar Redemption!

For those of you who don’t know this upcoming band from Michigan, you really oughta check them out.

Below is a clip we shot of them playing “Time Tells All” live at Clutch Cargo

We recently had a chance to ask them a few questions about life, liberty, and the pursuit of KICKING SOME ASS!

How’d you guys come together?

Well, it was about a year ago, i (becky) went to the Clutch Cargo’s Exposure music live concert, to see my friends band play, and coincidentally Sam was the drummer, its a really long story, but me and sam had met the summer before that at a friends house, and he recognized me, so we started talking and we exchanged numbers, and surprsingly we were into the same music and we ended up starting RedStar. Then about six months later Ricky came to my school and we needed a bassit and he was like “I’ll do it!” so i was like cool. And now he’s on lead guitar, and alyssa, whose been my friend since middle school, is on bass.

Do you write all your own songs? If so what’s your inspiration?

Yes. We write all of our songs. I (becky again =]) write the lyrics. Inspiration for me with the lyrics just comes from what i know, and what i’m going through and feeling at the moment, just life i guess. It’s definitely a way to get stuff off my chest, because i’m not so good a verbalizing. =D
When it comes to writing the music, its just a lot of different things, like different styles of music we like, what sounds cool, and definitely just how much we love what we do, music is EVERYTHING! haha.

What’s the meaning behind “Time Tells All”?

“Time Tells All” is about standing up for what you belive in and being strong, and not listening to what other people tell you. It’s also about kind of, finding yourself in a sense, and people thinking they know who you are from judging the outside, but they don’t know whats inside, and even though you think you feel one way right now you could feel a different way later, but only time tells all.
I like to think that people could interpret it however they want tho, so they can relate to it and make it like their own. =] (cheesy right?)

Becky, you have a sexy british accent. Do people ever think your from london?

haha =]
well, i do have this thing where i kind of just randomly talk in a british accent, well a lot, kinda weird right?, but im kind of shy so i only do it around my friends and stuff.
they say its a good one but idk!!?

Fans gotta know, what your craziest band moment?

Craziest moment would definitely have to the this years exposure music live, because there was just a ton of kids enjoying the music , the energy was insane, its definitely one of the biggest shows we’ve ever played. It was insane we were freakin out before we went onstage we were getting all of our stuff together and we couldn’t find one of the parts to our wireless systems and we were freaking out it was intense but we just used a chord instead. lol

If your band was a TV show what would it be? And Why?

we’d be a movie prolly, something like anchorman or napolean dynamite because were just like chill we like to have a good time and were always goofing off n stuff its funny. Sometimes i dont even know how we get stuff accomplished but hey we do so its all good.

Will Alyssa be appearing at more shows?

Yes definitely, she’s our new bass player. =]

Ricky’s been gone for a while, where’s he been?

He’s just been having some personal issue’s but everything is going well now. =D

What would be the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?

we would buy a record company. =]
and we’d be first band on the label. ha.

Sam how do you like your SerTop wristbands?

They’re freaking amazing, almost god like!
i don’t even know its awesome!!!
everyone should get some! =]

Visit RedStar Redemption :: Click HERE

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