Turn things up with “The Dry Leaf Project”

Dry Leaf Project

This group of guys knows how to turn things up. They come straight to you from Westland, Michigan. Where they get the party started. If you haven’t had a chance to see them live nows the time. We recently had the chance to ask them a few questions to help you get to know them a little better.

First we gotta know, where did you come up with the name “Dry Leaf Project”

-The Dry Leaf Project means absolutely nothing, which people seem to find hilarious. It was just an inside joke that the original band members came up with one day. Our old drummer, Josh, was thinking of band names and he’s like “ I only think up crappy emo names like ‘the dry leaf project’” and we all laughed and thought that name sucked. And then about a year later when the band started, we just used that. Funny story.

I have to say the song “Squeaky Clean Slate” is absolutely amazing, what does it stand for?

-Squeaky Clean Slate is just a song about change. It’s about making a stepping-stone in your life, and starting a new beginning.

What’s it like having a band with only 2 main members?

-Having 2 members is fun, because we’ve been best friends and next-door neighbors for fifteen years. It’s weird though. When people think of The Dry Leaf Project they think of Matt, and me but we really have four members that play with us live.

Your music is to die for, would you care if SerTop came to one of your shows to get some video footage?

-That would be amazing. We’re always encouraging people to come to shows and take pictures and videos. We usually try to put on a really fun show and get the crowd into it. “Passion, not fashion!”

For kicks what’s your favorite TV show?

– Right now, Matt and I are really into ‘America’s Best Dance Crew.’ That show is so hype. We’re also avid watchers of American Idol, however lame that is. I really enjoy Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! And Matt basically watches whatever is on MTV.

What are some big shows the fans gotta see?

-Every show we play! Haha. Kidding, but seriously. Support local music and come see us when we play with our buddies in Good Luck Varsity

“Dry Leaf Project” has had some big success; does it help for picking up ladies?

-Sorry ladies, but I’m taken, however, Matt is not! We usually have those few crazy girl fans at shows, but you know how that goes being rock stars. 😉 Kidding!

Some bands have a pre show ritual, what gets you guys inspired before the big show?

– We pray on stage before every show, but other than that, I know for a fact that Matt listens to Brand New before every show to get in the mood. I’m pretty chill, I don’t think there is anything I do in specific. We’re boring!

Everyone loves St. Patrick’s day what did you guys do to celebrate?

-I guess we must be losers, but all we did is work. I (Ryan) ate my first helping of Corned Beef, and that was pretty good, so yeah. That was the extent of our Saint Patty’s Day. ☺

We love music just like you, when can we expect some more remarkable songs?

– Well, we’re working on our full length album right now, and it’s about a year and a half into the making, so we’re expecting to release it the summer of ’08. It’s going to have 11-12 songs on it, and it includes a bunch of new ones that you guys haven’t heard, so get pumped.

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  1. gotta love TDLP

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