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The Day

I told you a few days ago that “The Day” was going to take over the west coast… and I’m not kidding. They offer a truly unique style, which can be captured when listening to songs like “Midwest Coast Girl.”

(click play button to listen to “Midwest Coast Girl”)

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We had a chance to ask the guys a few Q’s….

 What’s the history of The Day?

Ever since high school, we have had a high interest in not only writing but recording music as well.(in fact, come to think of it, Adam and I, (stephen), have never recorded in a studio aside from our own or our uncles. Where that fact comes to play is with the creation of The Day. In an effort to understand the new recording system that Adam was developing over the summer of 2007, different song demos and samples evolved into full and marketable songs. Thus, into the production came jonny and ryan, who had been long time friends and musicians growing up with us. Although I (Stephen) go to school in san diego, which is far from close enough to fully function as a band, the songs were not complete until there was a full collaboration on the music through Adam and myself together with Ryan and Jonny as well. Now it is 2008, we have yet to play shows but we plan on touring California, at least, over the summer of this year. Although we all plan on staying in school, we also plan on promoting the band online and writing and recording as much as we can through the spring, summer, and wherever it takes us. To us, it is about the joy in writing and recording music, and response from fans that drives us to continue what we do.

Are you going to be planning a tour soon?

Summer 2008 expect to see a few dates lined up in Northern and Southern California.

We really love the songs; my favorite is “Never Ready.” Where do the inspirations for most of your lyrics come from?

To us, lyrical meaning in a song stands just as high as the musical content as well. Our lyrics are based upon real life situations, relationship experiences, family and even some spiritual issues at hand in our lives. Although songs that are solely based on relationship experience are most likely written by one member in the band, Adam and I like to collaborate and write together. “I’ve Been Screaming” is an example of such a song. Since we are brothers, this song applies to both of us. It relates to the time and situation of the move our family made in 2003 from California to Michigan, and our emotional struggle to bear with leaving our old band and never fully leaving California. (and look, here we are again!)

Two relatives in one band? Do you guys ever smack each other around?

Funny you say that, Adam and I just made a video blog to post on our site, and before we came to a final product, there was plenty of footage before of us bickering and coming to grips on how we were going to post and produce the blog (we actually even thought about posting that too because when we looked at it, it gave us a good laugh)! All in good favor, but to us, when it is time to be professional about our music, theres no trouble in putting our brotherly “Im older and bigger than you” motives aside. (But I mean hey, if your a solid band, you should feel like brothers anyway!) theres always gonna be some smacking around!

What do you all do when you’re not rocking out?

Well to be honest, we live pretty normal lives. Adam and Ryan go to Santa Clara University, I go to the University of San Diego, Jonny goes to school in Fremont, Ca. We work, we play, we jam. I would say our hobbies all differ but they range from things like photography, surfing, snowboarding, cars, partying, Mac computers, (Adam works at Apple.), and just hanging out having a good time with friends!

Anyone have a favorite TV Show?


A Shout out to any fans?

All the classics, and anyone who enjoys the music! Thanks for the support you are all great and your acceptance of our music is what keeps us going!

We want to thank The Day again for taking time out of their busy schedule to chat. What you read today….that’s just the tip of the ice burg…check this out:

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Visit The Days facebook group

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