SORRY-OK-YES  hails from Italy and is about to go take on the world with there kick ass music, but before they do we had a chance to chat with them. Enjoy!

How’d you guys meet and how long have you been together?

Well, me (Davide Materazzi, lead singer and guitar) and Thomas (drums) first met because we had a common friend while playing a football match. I think we were 16 or 17. So we formed a punk/blues duo with rockabilly ingfluences. That was cool. Then we met Marco (bass) in September 2006 and we started this project. I think is going pretty good. But we always knew that we had great potential. It’s just a matter of perseverance and knowledge.

Are you excited to tour in the States?

Of course. It has always been our dream. ALWAYS. Last summer we played a dozen of shows in London. Then we played again in London in October 2007. And we’re playing in the UK about once every two months. The same will happen with the U.S. : if we’ll play 16 dates this year, next year they’ll be 40.
We have fixed ideas. Also, playing in Chicago and Detroit will be probably the best experience of my own life.

Tell us about your new album and the single that I’ve been hearing about.

Well, here’s the little story: we recorded our first promo in our home city (Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy) and we put it on myspace. Then a lot of messages, comments, requests arrived. The same old story that everybody know. Then we went to the UK with a lot of money in our pockets and returned home with no money. But after that tour, an indie label from Wigan (WIT Records) sent us a message offering a record deal. They were not the first to approach us but they were def. the best. So we went to Wigan and recorded the single and signed a deal for 2 more EP’s. The single is being mixed this week and it’ll be out very soon so stay tuned. The title is “i just want to be a DJ”. It’s something like – a very-fast-but-danceable-with-dirty-guitar-sounds-song with a killer chorus. It’ll be available on CD-Rom, limited 7″ vinyl and online stores.

What’s your song writing process?

I write all the songs at the moment. I just sit in my bed with an unplugged electric guitar and the songs come. Everybody can do it, don’t you agree?

A shout out to any fans?

Guys, don’t be shy. Come down and see us playing. That’s the best score for us. And talk to us, again don’t be shy. And…we love your messages on MySpace.

Don’t forget to add us on msn (1000+ contacts) so we can chat whenever you want, here’s the address:

Look forward to seeing you in the states and good luck with everything!

Thanks a lot Paul, hopefully to see you in Michigan!

Your welcome guys, lookin forward to having you in the states!

Live YouTube Vid ( )
MySpace ( )


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