Get the full story with “Seven Story Fall”


We recently had the chance to chat with the guys from “Seven Story Fall” might I say this band has some serious talent. The lyrics they come up with are absolute amazing their completely original. You wont find songs like this anywhere, unless they came from “Seven Story Fall” This band has been though some tough times but no matter what happens they keep moving forward. Make sure to check them out at on myspace.

The name “Seven Story Fall” is a great name how’d you come up with it?
*umm when we first started it was just Hunter and Jacob and then we found a bassist which came up with the name I don’t know how but we usually just say its from when Hunter was on vacation and a kid fell from the 7th story it sounds more interesting haha.

So many kick ass shows to look forward to, which one are you most excited for and why?

*we are looking forward to the chiodos/from first to last show, were so excited to play in front of a huge crowd like what they bring in, its going to be a lot of fun and should help our career a lot

You seem to have gone threw so many members in a short time, Hunter what’s it like hanging in there through all the tough times?
*yes we’ve had over 5 different guitar players 6 drummers and 4 bassist and when we first started we had another singer for like a week haha, its really hard there’s been times I wanted to quit because it was really taking a toll on me, I was getting upset and frustrated and id let it out on people close to me on accident but I thought I still have so much time and I know I can do it so I stuck with it, but it is the hardest thing I’ve done so far

Where would you guys go for a vacation and what would you do?
*hmm we would either go to gulf shores, all because I (Hunter) used to go there every summer and its amazing, there’s so much to do and so many girls haha or we would go to California and go to one of the beaches, it just looks amazing and also the girls haha

What’s the song “Her Ghost Stopped on a Dime” about?
*well at first I was just thinking about a hospital setting because before practice I was watching a video by thrice and its in a hospital and I wanted to make a song like that so I was thinking about a hospital then I just started filling in a story around it which ended up being someone close to someone was fine then all of a sudden they were in the hospital and then died suddenly and that person could of did so many great things like all people if they try and the person who’s view is watching this happen compliments the person with “could of lived for so much more”

With so many upcoming shows is it hard to remain on track or do things get hectic?
well of course we get really tired and don’t want to do our school work and we get behind in school, we have less time for friends its pretty much the 4 of us all week but friends do get pissed and we get into fights and recently my (Hunter) g/f broke up with me because we started to hangout less and talk less because I’m always booking and promoting which is a lot of work so it really effects your social life and hurts but you got to stay on it if you want to make it which is what I keep telling myself

With a few years of rocking out behind you, what’s your craziest band moment?
uhh we haven’t had real crazy moments but we had to drive 8 hrs to Evansville, in for a show and on the way we had to go to the bathroom but the gas station was closed so we ran across the intersection in Kentucky and ran into a pizza place and all they did was stare at us as we ran into the bathroom haha it was great

You guys have very original songs such as “911 ways to crash a plane” who comes up with these creative lyrics?
I do (Hunter) I have a really good imagination and I like to come up with stories and make them songs, 911 is of course about 9.11.01 I wanted to make a political kind of song while making it a story of the what happened and show how drastic it changes from screaming to singing which points out the emotion on how the first tower was hit then silence then another tower then the breakdown shows the fall of the towers, people ask me why I talk about the things I do in songs and I just want to say its not to point out death or “emoness” or anything of that kind its just what comes into my head and fits the music

With great songs already written how long till we can expect some more?
the 3 songs we have on our page have been out since November I believe we have a lot more songs we just haven’t had the chance to record or get money to record but we will soon and our new songs are really good we think and for now the only way to hear them are at our shows but here are the names of our show list
1.conceided ones always come in first
2. 911 ways to crash a plane
3.all these things unsaid
4. the snow and you
5. the stars are calling
6. scream its ok
7. dear alexis
8. her ghost stopped on a dime

we are currently working on 2 new full band songs and 3 acoustic songs

Always wanted to know, does being musically inclined bring a lot more social attraction from the ladies?
haha uhh honestly I mean a lot say they like our hair and were a good band but most of the time its those compliments I don’t know if they’re afraid of saying hey your hot or what we get in every few people though. I’ve met a lot of girls because of being in the band but I wouldn’t know if they’d actually go as far as to hangout or date us we never really thought about it or tried it out. We try to hangout or date people who don’t know we have a band at first because then you know if they like you for you and not because you’re in a band. But when already having a girlfriend it’s hard because they get jealous so it’s something to really watch out for. It really sucks for me because I’m in love with my ex still and I want to wait so I have all these girls coming up after our shows and I have to kinda push them off and I feel bad but its one of the things that comes with being in a band

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