Meet Good Luck Varsity

Adam already told you all about Good Luck Varsity. Now I’m here to get up close and personal with them. Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out Good Luck Varsity!

First off i just want to say thanks for doing the interview and best of luck with everything in the future.

Thank you for asking us! I think your website is a really awesome idea!

How’d you all meet?

The origin of Good Luck Varsity is a really long and twisting story but I’ll try to keep it short. Essentially my brother Evan and I both played in a band called The Rising Tide. When all was said and done at the end of TRT we we’re actually pretty relieved to be done with it because it had strayed so far from what we really wanted to be doing. At first we recorded a couple demos in our basement and put them online and then we eventually recorded our EP Head High Heavy Hearted. We used the EP to get potential band mates interested in joining us and put an application up online. Richie and Tim we’re already our good friends and they we’re an easy choice.
Drew and Dan both responded to our search online and after hearing both of them play we canceled all of our other auditions because we knew that this was going to be our line up

Jordan, those are some rad YouTube videos! Anything out there that people MUST see if they haven’t yet?

Haha thank you! I guess besides music editing and directing videos has always been something I’ve loved to do.
Everybody should definitely check out “No, Frankenstein” I did the editing on that video and actually won an award for it

7 Members, wow, thats pretty amazing. What’s your writing process like?

Well we actually only play with 6 members live. Our good friend Jeriah is filling in on Guitar and vocals while Tim is away taking care of some things.

We’ve just recently started to write new music for a new EP that we’re planning to record and release sometime this year. Generally somebody brings the shell of a song to practice and we all work together to fill it out.We just recorded our first real song as a full band on Sunday and we’ll be posting it sometime soon

Tell us a little bit about the meaning behind the song “The Show Must Go On.” We really like the upbeat sound and keyboard effects in it.

“The Show Must Go On” was kind of our way of laying The Rising Tide to rest. Evan and I we’re a little disappointed with the way that everything went down at the end of TRT and the song addresses some of those issues. The song is definitely different than everything else we’ve written and it was the first song/demo we ever released. It’s strange in that it’s extremely upbeat and happy sounding but the only really happy part is the last verse which basically says that despite the fact that one door had closed in our faces God was there to open another one with even better things in store. I guess that’s why the song is called “The Show Must Go On”. I don’t write the lyrics for the band but in my mind I see “The Show Must Go On” as a precursor to “Plan B” which has a similar message to that last verse that I mentioned.

What does everyone do when you guys aren’t jammin out?

Well you already know that I do videos sometimes, and I also like to go to the movies every chance I get. Evan spends a lot of time playing and coaching soccer, Richie is really into Airsoft and recently Xbox 360, Dan loves playing his guitar and Legend of Zelda games, Drew seems to really enjoy selling computers at Best Buy and reading the Chronicles of Narnia out loud and doing different voices for each character, Jeriah is really into watching reruns of One Tree Hill, and Tim loves creating new sandwiches out of strange ingredients.

As a band, what would be your dream show? (any venue, any line up, ect)

Oh man that’s tough. I’m sure every one of the guys would say something different but I think we’re all really looking forward to being on Cornerstone Festival this Summer.
I think that we are the only unsigned band on the actual festival which is really amazing

A shout out to any fans?

We have really awesome fans, we love all of the kids that come out to support us in our home town and at the Wayne shows which are always a huge success. We love playing free shows for our fans and I think that they really appreciate that. We try really hard to have at least one or two free shows every couple months as our way of saying thank you to all of our fans. We love all of you and without you we’d have really really boring weekends.

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