Inside with “Pillar of Autumn”

As I said before “Pillar of Autumn” is a unbelievable band, this guys are kicken ass all over Detroit. They’ve taken off with some out standing songs like “Asthma” which took #1 Detroit Also make sure to check out “Miles Away” and “Carpe Diem” on myspace. We had the chance to talk these guys and learn a little more about them and there history. Check it out.

“Pillar of Autumn” is an awesome name, does is stand for anything?

The name came from the name of a spaceship in the video game Halo. We decided to use the name because of the influence the game has had on the creative process of the band. When we find ourselves stuck in a song, playing each other in first person shooters is something that helps us clear our heads. Except for when Rob cheats. He always knows where to hide and find the good weapons. Alright, maybe he’s just really good… but we’ll still call it cheating.

Spencer: “Rob Wishes he was as good at me at Halo.”

Rob (replying to Spencer): “Spencer wishes he was as good as me at anything.”

Know how your working on a six song ep, when can we look forward to its release?

We are currently in pre-production and are finalizing dates to get back in the studio to record the final tracks. So we’re shooting for late summer but we haven’t settled on the year yet.

You guys come up with some amazing lyrics, what’s the writing process like?

Our writing process is quite crazy. We usually begin by jamming out melodies or rhythms that the band members have written that have caught our attention. Rob brings most of the musical elements to the table in the beginning, then we try to take the mess of parts and make it better. We repeat that until we find something that inspires us. Once we find that inspiration the song takes off. If we get lost, we look to each other to help out. Every member in the band can play all of the instruments we play enough to help with any part; it’s a team effort to the fullest. Then when Frankie says it sucks, we try it all over again.

If you were given a million bucks and had to spend it in 24hrs what would you do?

Frankie; “Well, we’d probably start with our laundry.”

Rob: “Buy new jeans so I don’t have to do laundry. Ever again.”

Spencer: “Forget our laundry. Let’s throw a party for everyone who wants to come hang out.”

Ed: “Cars and guitars.”

Chris: “I’m with Ed on this one.”

“POA” has done some kick ass shows in the past, what ones can we look forward to in the future?

We can guarantee that you will see plenty in the future. Our booking agent, Derrick, will be setting up our shows from arenas to your basement. We’ll play them all. In fact, if you don’t see us in your hometown and you want to see us play at your favorite venue, contact us and tell us about it. Don’t let us get away with it. That’s just lazy. We like to say “Every show we play will be better than the one before it, so if you come to all of the shows, every time you see us it’s the best show you’ve ever seen from us.” So to answer your question: You can look forward to every one of them.

Other than music, what’s another thing you like to do in your spare time?

Rob: “In my spare time I play my acoustic (poorly), play open mic nights and listen to new bands. I guess if there is anything else I do, I drink and swear. A lot.”

Ed: “What spare time? I guess it would have to be listening to sports radio on my way home from work. Most FM radio sucks and I don’t have one of those fancy shmancy satellite radio do-dads.”

Spencer: “I eat sleep and breathe music. I’m a musical fusionist and I work at Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, Michigan. It’s a whole lot of fun and I love all the facets of working, writing, producing and engineering. It’s great stuff. My favorite thing to do is write harmonies and crazy chord progressions. Other than that I party, make beats, play my acoustic and hang out.”

Chris: “I really just love working on my cars.”

Frankie: “I try to put every spare second I have into graphic design. I love many forms of art, but digital artwork has always been something I enjoy most.”

If you could rock out in any city in the world that you haven’t been too, where would it be?

Chris says “I’ve never actually been to California, and L.A. holds a lot of desire for me.”

Spencer: “Tokyo, Japan. I hear they go crazy over there. That or somewhere in the UK.”

Ed: “Somewhere in Brazil, cause backstage would kick ass!”

Rob: “LONDON!”

Frankie: “One of those ancient cities in China. A city that you would have to fly everybody to in a helicopter because there are no roads. Those do exist right?”

“Miles Away” is a great song, what’s the meaning behind it?

Miles away is a song for a girl who shows no interest in a man’s desires and hobbies. It is to the point where he writes her a song to see if she even pays attention enough to realize the song is about her.

You have a huge fan base, any special things they should know about?

Earl Grey tea is named after the Earl of Grey, who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain about 100 years ago. At least that’s what the Snapple bottle said. And also, Rob is single.


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  1. i love this band they are truely amazing!!!
    love the music guys

  2. The band does rock!! Except Ed, you have one of the fancy radio things now…

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