No better luck than “Good Luck Varsity”

Good Luck Varsity

It wasn’t until recently that I stumbled across this unique band form Canton, Michigan. I gotta tell ya “Good Luck Varsity” has it going on, this pop rock band brings together a unique set of talent with amazing vocals. They’ll tell ya nothings standing in their way “the show must go on”. This bands going for the big picture and I can tell ya their gonna get it. To hear some of their amazing tunes click here. We will see about getting a interview with these guys in the near future.





SORRY-OK-YES  hails from Italy and is about to go take on the world with there kick ass music, but before they do we had a chance to chat with them. Enjoy!

How’d you guys meet and how long have you been together?

Well, me (Davide Materazzi, lead singer and guitar) and Thomas (drums) first met because we had a common friend while playing a football match. I think we were 16 or 17. So we formed a punk/blues duo with rockabilly ingfluences. That was cool. Then we met Marco (bass) in September 2006 and we started this project. I think is going pretty good. But we always knew that we had great potential. It’s just a matter of perseverance and knowledge.

Are you excited to tour in the States?

Of course. It has always been our dream. ALWAYS. Last summer we played a dozen of shows in London. Then we played again in London in October 2007. And we’re playing in the UK about once every two months. The same will happen with the U.S. : if we’ll play 16 dates this year, next year they’ll be 40.
We have fixed ideas. Also, playing in Chicago and Detroit will be probably the best experience of my own life. Continue reading

We Talk With The Day

The Day

I told you a few days ago that “The Day” was going to take over the west coast… and I’m not kidding. They offer a truly unique style, which can be captured when listening to songs like “Midwest Coast Girl.”

(click play button to listen to “Midwest Coast Girl”)

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We had a chance to ask the guys a few Q’s….

 What’s the history of The Day?

Ever since high school, we have had a high interest in not only writing but recording music as well.(in fact, come to think of it, Adam and I, (stephen), have never recorded in a studio aside from our own or our uncles. Where that fact comes to play is with the creation of The Day. In an effort to understand the new recording system that Adam was developing over the summer of 2007, different song demos and samples evolved into full and marketable songs. Thus, into the production came jonny and ryan, who had been long time friends and musicians growing up with us. Although I (Stephen) go to school in san diego, which is far from close enough to fully function as a band, the songs were not complete until there was a full collaboration on the music through Adam and myself together with Ryan and Jonny as well. Now it is 2008, we have yet to play shows but we plan on touring California, at least, over the summer of this year. Although we all plan on staying in school, we also plan on promoting the band online and writing and recording as much as we can through the spring, summer, and wherever it takes us. To us, it is about the joy in writing and recording music, and response from fans that drives us to continue what we do.

Are you going to be planning a tour soon?

Summer 2008 expect to see a few dates lined up in Northern and Southern California.

We really love the songs; my favorite is “Never Ready.” Where do the inspirations for most of your lyrics come from?

To us, lyrical meaning in a song stands just as high as the musical content as well. Our lyrics are based upon real life situations, relationship experiences, family and even some spiritual issues at hand in our lives. Although songs that are solely based on relationship experience are most likely written by one member in the band, Adam and I like to collaborate and write together. “I’ve Been Screaming” is an example of such a song. Since we are brothers, this song applies to both of us. It relates to the time and situation of the move our family made in 2003 from California to Michigan, and our emotional struggle to bear with leaving our old band and never fully leaving California. (and look, here we are again!) Continue reading

Turn things up with “The Dry Leaf Project”

Dry Leaf Project

This group of guys knows how to turn things up. They come straight to you from Westland, Michigan. Where they get the party started. If you haven’t had a chance to see them live nows the time. We recently had the chance to ask them a few questions to help you get to know them a little better.

First we gotta know, where did you come up with the name “Dry Leaf Project”

-The Dry Leaf Project means absolutely nothing, which people seem to find hilarious. It was just an inside joke that the original band members came up with one day. Our old drummer, Josh, was thinking of band names and he’s like “ I only think up crappy emo names like ‘the dry leaf project’” and we all laughed and thought that name sucked. And then about a year later when the band started, we just used that. Funny story.

I have to say the song “Squeaky Clean Slate” is absolutely amazing, what does it stand for?

-Squeaky Clean Slate is just a song about change. It’s about making a stepping-stone in your life, and starting a new beginning.

What’s it like having a band with only 2 main members?

-Having 2 members is fun, because we’ve been best friends and next-door neighbors for fifteen years. It’s weird though. When people think of The Dry Leaf Project they think of Matt, and me but we really have four members that play with us live. Continue reading

That’ll Be THE DAY…

The Day

This band is literally going to take over the west coast with there pop-rock style and unique vocal pattens. Your going to be going about your normal day and then BAM, The Day is on every TV channel in your house.

Anyway, we are going to be posting a Q&A with this amazing band in a few days, but until then feast your ears on their music!

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Neverset on tour with Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, & Seether


For those of you who haven’t heard of the band Neverset, you are in for some head bobbin. With smashing vocals and guitar riffs that could kill a man on the spot, this band is not one to mess with. They are spending the next few months on tour with three huge acts.

Are they coming your way?

03/14/2008 08:00 PM – Clicks w/ Overscene
Tyler, Texas

03/15/2008 08:00 PM – Lukes Sports Bar **Going Away Party**
8604 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving (Valley Ranch), Texas 75063 – $10

03/16/2008 08:00 PM – Shooters
Texarkana, Texas

03/18/2008 05:00 PM – Roberts Stadium w/ Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin & Seether!
Evansville, Indiana

03/19/2008 05:00 PM – Eastern Kentucky Expo Center w/ Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin & Seether!
Pikeville, Kentucky

03/21/2008 05:00 PM – The Palace of Auburn Hills w/ Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin & Seether!
Auburn Hills, Michigan

03/22/2008 05:00 PM – Pepsi Coliseum w/ Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin & Seether!
Indianapolis, Indiana

03/24/2008 05:00 PM – Target Center w/ Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin & Seether!
Minneapolis, Minnesota
03/25/2008 05:00 PM – Tyson IBP Events Center w/ Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin & Seether!
Sioux City, Iowa
03/27/2008 05:00 PM – i Wireless Center w/ Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin & Seether!
Moline, Illinois
03/28/2008 05:00 PM – The Eagles Ballroom w/ Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin & Seether!
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
03/30/2008 05:00 PM – Erie Civic Center Complex w/ Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin & Seether!
Erie, Pennsylvania
04/01/2008 05:00 PM – Bryce Jordan Center w/ Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin & Seether!
State College, Pennsylvania
04/02/2008 05:00 PM – Chevrolet Theater w/ Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin & Seether!
Wallingford, Connecticut

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