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Put Your Band in the Spotlight!!!

Band in the Spotlight

Are you currently in a band? Maybe you happen to know of a really good band? Wanna help get your band the attention it deserves? Nows the time, we love music and love to promote it. So if you got a great band, or got a new hit song and want to spread the word, or just want to try and reach out to more potential fans, we can help you. SerTop is always looking for new kick ass talent we love getting up to date info on the hottest bands around. Keep in mind we don’t just work on a local level we look for talent scattered around the globe so you will get recognized by fans hundreds of thousands of miles away. So if you think you can handle being in the spotlight drop us a line and contact SerTop.


Spread The Word!!!

Spread The Word!

These two dedicated¬†gal’s from the UK really ramp up their music scene. They have made a HUGE list of shows that are coming in the following months. If you live in the UK and are short on music visit their MySpace page.