Put Your Band in the Spotlight!!!

Band in the Spotlight

Are you currently in a band? Maybe you happen to know of a really good band? Wanna help get your band the attention it deserves? Nows the time, we love music and love to promote it. So if you got a great band, or got a new hit song and want to spread the word, or just want to try and reach out to more potential fans, we can help you. SerTop is always looking for new kick ass talent we love getting up to date info on the hottest bands around. Keep in mind we don’t just work on a local level we look for talent scattered around the globe so you will get recognized by fans hundreds of thousands of miles away. So if you think you can handle being in the spotlight drop us a line and contact SerTop.

A Radio Station That Adapts To You!


Pandora Radio is truly amazing, not to mention that it is completely free! If the fact that it actually adapts to you doesn’t impress you, then check out the user interface. The people over at Pandora have been working on a huge project called the “Music Genome.” It not only gives you what artist you like, it describes to you exactly what kind of a song your listening to. For example, if I type in “Sick Puppies”, than it will tell me exactly what they are catagorized as in the Music Genome Project and continue to play the music that I like.

Make Music? Submit Your Work To Pandora Radio!

If you are a musician with a working demo than you can submit your music for the world to listen to! It is somewhat of a small process, but it is highly worth it to get your music the exposure. Click here to get started!

Click here to visit the Pandora Radio website