“Pillar of Autumn” stands above the crowd

Pillar of Autumn

When most people think of Michigan they think of a broke, lazy, and very cold state. What they don’t see is the enormous amount of talent in the mist. We know of a group that stands above the crowd. A band like this is a true diamond in the ruff. You’d expect to see these guys in New York, or maybe California. We found them in good old Detroit, Michigan. The band “Pillar of Autumn” has some serious kick ass songs and got more on the way. Make sure you listen to “Carpe Diem”. Click Here to check them out.

Shereen Michelle

Introducing Shereen Michelle. She is a very talented musician that is not afraid to show off her six original songs on MySpace all for your listening pleasure. She also has a YouTube channel so be sure to check it out!

What song is she playing on the live video? – “Drown Me”



Razorblades and Romance

Razorblades and Romance Live 
Just another Monday morning, searching for some amazing music. I came across a band that has a lot of potential, their name? Razorblades and Romance. You can listen to them here. I especially like the song “Sleep Now My Love.” The intro to the song sounds like a epic battle between the acoustic and electric guitars. I’m going to try to get an interview with these guys soon!