Turn things up with “The Dry Leaf Project”

Dry Leaf Project

This group of guys knows how to turn things up. They come straight to you from Westland, Michigan. Where they get the party started. If you haven’t had a chance to see them live nows the time. We recently had the chance to ask them a few questions to help you get to know them a little better.

First we gotta know, where did you come up with the name “Dry Leaf Project”

-The Dry Leaf Project means absolutely nothing, which people seem to find hilarious. It was just an inside joke that the original band members came up with one day. Our old drummer, Josh, was thinking of band names and he’s like “ I only think up crappy emo names like ‘the dry leaf project’” and we all laughed and thought that name sucked. And then about a year later when the band started, we just used that. Funny story.

I have to say the song “Squeaky Clean Slate” is absolutely amazing, what does it stand for?

-Squeaky Clean Slate is just a song about change. It’s about making a stepping-stone in your life, and starting a new beginning.

What’s it like having a band with only 2 main members?

-Having 2 members is fun, because we’ve been best friends and next-door neighbors for fifteen years. It’s weird though. When people think of The Dry Leaf Project they think of Matt, and me but we really have four members that play with us live. Continue reading

Meet The Black Kites

The Black Kites

The Black Kites are four piece band that hails from the west. They are currently shooting a music video for the song “Paper Heart,” which is off the Paper Heart EP. Recently I had a chance to ask them a few questions about music and the development of their upcoming album, which is scheduled to be released this fall.

How did you find your love for music?

Marcel: Well, I guess I didn’t actually start taking music seriously enough to play until I was 15 and decided with a couple of high school friends to start a band. We were inspired by the Velvet Underground, Flipper, My Dog Popper, and Jimi Hendrix. We were The Zelnick Experience. I got stuck with the drums because I was the only one who couldn’t play anything – and I never looked back. Sometimes I think I’m still the one who can’t play anything, but I can do that a whole lot better than I could in high school.

Alan: I started playing guitar with my brother, Chris, when we were both in elementary school.  By the time we got to high school we had our own Allman Brothers clone band.

Nicki: I started playing guitar at 13, playing along to the Lemonheads and practicing my moves in my bedroom. 

 The Black Kites live at the Viper Room

Your music is very soothing and easy to listen to, it’s what I would call driving music with a kick, has it always been this way? What are the twist and turns your sound has taken along the way?

Alan: The sound has definitely taken some turns. In the beginning, it was just Nicki and I on bass and guitar respectively, backed by a couple 70s drum machines we’d drag around. When Evelyn came in, adding not just her voice and vocal approach, but keys as well, the sound developed immensely and really started to get more dynamic. Adding Marcel’s driving hits became the last piece of the puzzle. It’s very much a group sound, and not just one person.

Marcel: For me, I feel the dynamics have slightly changed since I joined the band – which was just over a year ago. I think I tend to add a bit more of that kick – especially in a live situation. But yeah – we often get lumped in with this whole “shoegaze” genre, but I like the idea that we don’t really gaze at our shoes, we kinda just hit that gas pedal with them.

Evelyn and Alan, your voices sound absolutely amazing together, truly a vocal combo made in heaven. Who writes the lyrics, one or both of you?

Alan: It’s a combination of us both. I’ll often write the lyrics and then bring them in to the rehearsal space and let Evelyn sing what I’ve got. Then we start tinkering with them to shape them to how she sings it, or feels it. Often times she has some lines or images that get incorporated early on. Either way, the music is usually finished first, and then the lyrics are written.

 The Black Kites live at the Viper Room

About a week ago I heard that you’re going to be shooting a music video, which song will it be for? What will be the video’s main focal point?

Alan: The video is for Paper Heart.  The main focal point would be Evelyn meets “Wings Of Desire.”

Marcel: Yeah. It’s like our first un-official “single”. We’re definitely excited to do this, and it’s definitely interesting trying to match up a visual world with the sonic world we have in our heads. I think the main focal point is open for interpretation – everyone will manage to take different things from the video, the song – but I feel as well as touching on loss, heartbreak, and finally saying goodbye – there is an underlying feeling of movement, change, and growth. Becoming who you truly are and rising above who others see you as – but again – that’s just me.

Nicki: And, on top of all of that, we are going to try something new and dress all in black.

Marcel: Our first pre-planned attempt at band-fashion cohesiveness.

What’s your set up?

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A Chat With Brandon From Far-less


The band Far-Less is a dynamic melodic masterpiece that keeps on giving their fans great music to listen to. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out here!

They are on tour as we speak so be sure to check their MySpace page to see if they’re coming to your town!

Below is our chat with Brandon:

Where do the inspirations for most of your lyrics come

Inspiration comes from everywhere.  Our lives,
surroundings, the people we know, our dogs, food, or the
devil.  But, uh, food and cartoons mostly.

With six members music must be fun to write or maybe a
little hectic… how does everything usually come together?

It’s a pretty easy process. Someone will have an idea and
then the the others fall into place.
You guys are hitting the road again on March 14th, any
cities you’re particularly looking forward to rockin?
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We get down and dirty with the Orange Marsupials

Orange Marsupials

Hailing from Michigan, the Orange Marsupials are truly, not only a unique band, but also a very talented one. You can check out a video of them performing live at Clutch Cargos right here! Below is our Q&A session:

First things first, I’ve been dying to ask you guys: what is an orange marsupial?

LISA: They thought up the name before I joined the band, but I do know that a marsupial is; It’s any mammal in which the female has a pouch. Since our name is Orange Marsupials, it narrows it down to kangaroos (well that’s the only orange marsupial I can think of). For our logo I basically looked up kangaroo pictures after I heard what our band name was and I found a kangaroo crossing sign, then my friend changed the words around it to “Orange Marsupials”.

What would your dream show be?

NICK(Preztel) and SAZ: Opening up for Bob Marley at his ‘One Love Peace Concert’, playing with Hendrix at Woodstock, or playing with the Chili Peppers.

LISA: I’d love to play a show with 311. As far as earlier eras, I’d have to say Woodstock and I’d wanna go on right before Joe Cocker.

KEVIN: Opening up for the Detox Tour when Dr. Dre drops his new album.

SAZ reminds me of Hendrix

SAZ: Thanks, I get that a lot.

You are one of the most original bands I’ve heard in a while. When I was listening to you guys live at Clutch Cargo, I thought to myself wow this is the most productive jam session ever! What’s your writing process like?

LISA: One of us always comes in with a new guitar riff or lyrics and everyone has their own idea about how the song should go, but for some reason all of our unique parts just work together really well.

Besides writing amazing music, what do you all do for fun? Continue reading

The Orange Marsupials!

Here is a video of the Orange Marsupials performing live @ Clutch Cargos. It’s not the best quality, but at least you can get an idea of how unique and talented this band is.

An Interview With Jacobs Ladder


Thanks for doing the Q&A with us, we think your music is great and we are looking forward to hearing more great music!

How’d you guys all meet and how long have you been together?

This coming summer (2008) we will have been a band for 8 years running strong. Brian and Oren met and started playing music in the 4th grade. I (Sammy) was a year younger and really into music; but I didn’t get the chance to play with them until high school. We played and preformed in our school “Rock Ensemble,” this got us close and we decided to give it a shot in the summer of 2001.

Not many bands can tour as much as Jacobs Ladder does and still produce amazing music. I gotta say, you are very persistent in creating music while still keeping your fans happy. Is it crazy on tour sometimes? Do you sleep?

Tour for us…. is a home away from home at this point. We usally wake up on the floor of a random persons house, cuddled up in our sleeping bags- proceeding to look at eachother with disgust. The worst part; is the fact that I’m allergic to cats and for some reason everyone seems to have one..lol.

Overall the experience of touring is amazing, it’s a time where we bond as a band and live off our music.
There’s nothing better than playing shows 6 nights a week.
If we don’t make enough money off the door or merchandise then we hit up shopping malls with cds and iPods. Believe it or not we usually sell 40 to 60 cds before we get kicked out of the mall. Sometimes it’s rough… but it gets the job done!

We generally drive four to six hours daily, trying to cover at least on state per day. Oren’s not allowed to drive since he is a terrible navigator. So me and Brian switch off driving and sleep in between. When we do arrive at the venues, we eat a lot of shit (not literally)…but we do have a lot of time on our hands, so we cook our dinners on a hot plate in the street. The highlight obviously is the performance itself and it is always worth the hassle. But, the best part is meeting our fans afterward, and the coolest kids are the ones who purchase our merch! Joking your all cool, we love you guys!

Sam, rocking the fro. Any tips for people at home trying to get a good fro going?

One thing is; you have it or you don’t. If you do- all you need is a really gay hairdresser and some kiss my face (hair cream), and your good to go. Continue reading

We Interview Roi From “The Material”


I just caught up with Roi, who is the one of the guitar players in the band “The Material.” They are a very talented five-piece band that hails from the west! If you haven’t heard of them yet, definitely check them out. Below is the interview….Enjoy!

So, what’s the history of The Material? How long have you guys officially been together, how’d you all meet?

Jon and Colleen met in high school after being introduced by their mutual friend Mike (singer of Halifax). Colleen migrated to San Diego to pursue a Music degree at SDSU and Jon followed a little later. Noah was a friend of Colleen’s that she had met at work. The three of them began practicing with Kevin Faulk (Every Time I Die) on bass. Kevin eventually left and they found Brian and I through the wonderful world of craigslist. The Material has been together for 2 years total the current line up since Feb 2007.

What’s your writing process? Is it always this way?

We are still finding our niche as a songwriting team. Lately it has been working well with Me or Jon bringing in complete song ideas and showing them to everyone else. Then, we all add our parts and ideas. Still, this is not an exact science…

Do you use any FX at your live shows? If so what kind?

We use a lot of effects for our guitars. Delay, reverb, phase, univibe, chorus, wah, ring modulator…we are no Mars Volta but, we use what is necessary to be sonically pleasing.

What would your dream show be, if you could play with any band at any venue?

Jimmy Eat World, Foo Fighters, & the Material. This show could be at my house and it would still be amazing! Continue reading